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        Certified Operator Program                                Industrial Print Services
        A hands-on operator training program, led by our industry   Structured to prepare you for the “next” business opportunity
        consultants, on-site in your facility. They will deploy instructor-  within this emerging and rapidly growing segment, this program
        led training, reference materials and educational activities with   addresses skills required for industrial inkjet, 3D printing, laser
        minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our tailored   engraving, membrane printing, ceramics, glass, flooring and
        approach forges best practices for your production needs and   more. It introduces customization to a print segment best known
        helps identify new products for your portfolio.           for screen and pad printing.
        •  Second tier training/certification for equipment and software  •  Incorporate printing direct to substrate
        •  Improve performance and productivity for both operator    •  Introduction of non-print technologies like laser engraving
          and equipment
                                                                  •  Support for 3D Print workflow and file creation
        •  Realize increased uptime when applying these           •  Get direct-to-shape printing capabilities on promotional items
          advanced practices

        For more, visit or to speak with a
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