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Traditional Finishing Services                            Packaging and Display Training
        Every wide-format print provider is a custom manufacturer of   In the age of digital print transformation, packaging and
        a product; finishing is a must-have when creating a sellable   display products are excellent instruments to launch new
        product. Producing a finished banner, or stretching canvas   offerings desired by today’s buyers. This program establishes
        for fine art requires an understanding of the different skillsets   the necessary skillset to bring packaging and displays in-house.
        needed to make a high-quality finished product. Our team of   Our consultants will help optimize every aspect of the design and
        industry experts can deliver the know-how that makes ordinary   manufacturing process.
        products extraordinary.
                                                                  •  Create unique and custom products that meet your
        •  Go from concept to finished product - make vs. buy       customer’s needs
        •  Find new revenue opportunities and product offerings   •  Produce custom packaging to meet any application,
        •  Develop new laminating, embellishing, routing, cutting,   large or small
          welding and digital finishing skills                    •  Establish a competitive advantage with unique offerings;
        •  Establish an effective finishing workflow                i.e. ProtoPackaging, Luxury Packaging
                                                                  •  Build post production added value for your customer’s goods

        Wayfinding Signage

        Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people
        through a physical environment and enhance their understanding
        and experience of the space. This program focuses on common
        opportunities, as well as creating unique solutions using
        RICOH Clickable Paper  to drive audiences to websites, videos,
        collateral and more, by scanning images with the mobile app.
        •  Learn about this growing and essential component of the
          wide-format sign and graphics market
        •  Create custom signage, utilizing a variety of materials and
          design elements
        •  Generate RICOH Clickable Paper products to increase the
          value of wayfinding signage
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