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        Marketing Services                                        Continuing Education Program
        This program is designed for print providers who wish to offer   Continuing education for the Sign and Graphic industry is
        products that complement their traditional print services.   presented in many formats and covers a broad range of specialty
        Augmented Reality, premiums and promotional marketing     interests. Scenarios for continuing education include:
        applications are just a few offerings that will be introduced as we   •  A measure of caution in the event of employee turnover
        explore the new services that will extend the revenue possibilities
        of traditional and wide-format print.                     •  When supplemental training is needed for advanced or
                                                                    enhanced workflows
        •  Manufacture custom jigs for marketing products i.e. pens,
          thumb drives, phone cases                               •  Customers in need of new product development
        •  Include Augmented Reality as a service associated with signage   •  Customers who require short-term on-site support
          for way-finding, or
          pop-up marketing
        •  Add services via Market Consulting associated with
          “connected” print and signage

        Décor Services                                            Sign and Graphics
        Through hands-on training for designers, operators and sales   Environmental Sustainability
        staff, this program is designed to form an understanding of the   There is a lot to consider when it comes to implementing
        décor market. Décor goes beyond textile and fabric printing.   sustainable solutions. From energy efficient compact fluorescent
        Every surface is a potential art board. Our consultants share   bulbs and expanded recycling programs, to “green” media and
        the skills necessary to establish a business within this growing   printing processes, it is one of the most discussed topics in the
        specialty print segment.                                  industry. It’s also quickly becoming a customer requirement in
        •  Commercial, residential, POP, retail, events and exhibit   order to win large bids. Our services will show you how to lower
          opportunities revealed                                  your carbon footprint and improve the environmental health and
                                                                  sustainability of businesses and communities in your area.
        •  Discover architectural design elements to create the calming
          environments being sought after by hospitals and other   •  Discover areas of opportunity and workflow optimization to
          wellness facilities                                       reduce waste and conserve energy
        •  Comprehensive training includes design, pattern making,   •  Learn how to utilize and implement best practices focusing on
          media selection, installation                             employee and planet health
          and marketing practices                                 •  Define and create sustainable products for new avenues of revenue
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