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expert                                               insights

        Architectural Finishing Services                          Business and Product Development
                                                                  Equipment is only one component to achieving success.
        This program introduces architectural and grand format signage
        to your business. It provides the skillset needed to offer this   You need a solid strategy that includes must-have market
        host of new services that go beyond traditional print. Examples   knowledge to align your customer’s needs with your new
        include monument and architectural signage, back-lit, building   investment. This course provides a customized analysis of your
        wraps and grand format signage. Our team is prepared to teach   current operations capabilities and strengths. These strengths
        the intricacies of 3D routed signs using High Density Urethane   will then be aligned with vertical markets that your business is
        materials that provide permanent signage opportunities.   best positioned to serve.
                                                                  •  Target new verticals with a more focused product offering
        •  Explore commercial, residential, retail, architectural
          signage products                                        •  Undergo an industry analysis both self and competitive
        •  Review architectural design elements for indoor/outdoor   •  Develop new go-to-market strategies
        •  Learn 3D routing techniques

        Sign and Graphics Business Literacy Program               Design for Wide Format
        This program is developed for customers who have entered the   Establish the design skills required when transitioning from
        Sign and Graphic market for the first time. Whether you are a   sheet-fed to wide-format, or when new product offerings
        new franchise owner or an independent newcomer to the world   are desired. This course ensures that you can achieve the best
        of wide-format, we’ll outline and implement a business model   possible output, while utilizing the best design practices.
        that is proven sustainable and profitable.
                                                                  •  Learn how to design using Color-Logic tools to create
        •  From job ticket to invoice, establish business processes that   high-value applications
          maximize efficiencies
                                                                  •  Utilize specialty ink including white, silver, clear and primer
        •  Identify and define applications/products that your new   •  Understand texture printing, design aesthetics and
          business should provide
                                                                    day/night design
        •  Optimize all P&L considerations for your new business
        •  Outline vendor management programs
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