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Create new opportunities

                                                                                  for your business.

        ADA Compliant Signage Program                             Media and Applications
        Print providers who want to improve the lives of those with vision   Media is the predicate for all applications and is the second
        loss must meet standards and regulations in order to comply with   largest expense after labor cost. All sign and graphics customers
        the law. This program leverages our years of expertise to help you   can benefit from this course, covering tips and guidelines
        produce signage that exceeds these standards.             regarding material selection based on application, which material
                                                                  to stock and how to minimize inventory concerns.
        •  A study in federal, state and local government compliance
        •  Training that encompasses concept to finished product  •  Start with the finished product and work back to the device
        •  Bring added value to signage                           •  Identify new market opportunities and add new products
                                                                  •  Strategically ensure profitability and optimize
        •  Explore materials and topic of acquisition and utilization
                                                                    media inventory
                                                                  •  Reduce waste and costly errors associated with poor
                                                                    media utilization

        Profiling Services                                        Installation Services
        Due to the limited selection of profiles currently available, wide-  Print providers looking to provide additional services and increase
        format print providers have a need for media profiling services.   revenue streams will benefit from this course. Through hands-on
        Custom profiles written for specific devices will always perform   training we’ll demonstrate how to expertly install graphics for
        better than general profiles provided by the media manufacturer.   virtually any application. However, if your needs are to hire out
        Ricoh has the experience and expertise to support all industry   installation services, our team of installation professionals and
        standards and all manufacturers to write the custom profiles that   project managers can provide site surveys with an attention to
        will ensure the highest quality of your output.           detail that is the core of our business.
        •  Implement, teach or provide subscription-based         •  Wall and floor graphics installation
          profiling services                                      •  Full and partial vehicle wraps
        •  Reduce ink consumption and set correct ink limits
                                                                  •  Recreational and fleet graphic installation opportunities
        •  Establish stable, repeatable and consistent color
                                                                  •  Installation services, either direct or broker services
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