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Advanced Solutions                                    Business Development

            Architect strategic software solutions.               Upgrade your operations.

            Often, companies purchase needed software and find    For in-plant, commercial print and mail operations, Ricoh
            they do not have the resources, time or staff to properly   draws up and executes business optimization strategies and
            implement them. Other times, they recognize a solution is   solutions. Achieve operational excellence in the areas of
            needed but do not have the expertise or capacity to   production procedures and operations, staffing, equipment,
            develop one. Ricoh’s locally based consultants work with   administration and workflow.
            commercial print providers and enterprises of all sizes to
            perform workflow assessments and architect solutions   •  Omnichannel Distribution
            in e-commerce, management information systems and      •  Composition Services (Professional Services
            multi-channel marketing as part of a technology roadmap   and Hosting Services)
            for strategic and long-term planning.
                                                                   •  Printer and Inserter Optimization
                                                                   •  Postal Optimization
                                                                   •  Schedule and Site Optimization
                                                                   •  Marketing Plan Development
                                                                   •  Strategic Plan Development
                                                                   •  Sales Team Education and Training
                                                                   •  Staff Augmentation
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