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Color Management                                      Design and Education Services

            Improve color accuracy and lower costs.               Keep your staff current on
            An often-overlooked area of print, color management   the latest in design.
            can drive profit if done right. (Done wrong, conversely, it   A surge in digital technology and an emergence of new
            leads to unnecessary expenditure and waste.) Whether   media platforms has altered the skillsets needed to thrive in
            you’re looking to speed up production, reduce waste,   graphic communications and commercial print. From one-
            improve color verification or level up your staff’s skills,   on-one design services to our digital literacy program, we
            Ricoh’s Color Management Practice can help. A highly   help our customers keep staff up to date on digital design
            skilled team of Idealliance-certified CMP Masters and G7   skills such as typography, layout and color manipulation.
            Experts address every part of the color management chain.   These services provide hands-on guidance on how to
            From the inception of a design to final production, we can   efficiently maximize resources and further develop skillsets
            help, regardless of the device’s manufacturer or role in the   through continued advancement. Expand your services and
            process. Our certified color management experts leverage   be more valuable to clients with a strong design team.
            technology from industry leaders such as Xrite, Pantone,
            CGS, EFI and Kodak, and oversee the creation of a color
            management solution in the most economical way.

            Ricoh’s Remote Color Management Services, designed for
            the age of working from home, can help your team deliver
            superior products while working remotely. Achieve spot-on
            color from anywhere, calibrate accurate settings at home
            and enhance your color management qualifications through
            virtual learning.

             •  Optimize color quality and produce consistent results
             •  Unify color management across multiple locations
             •  Implement reporting of equipment status, including
               temperature and humidity
             •  Simulate the same appearance across multiple output
               devices with master gamuts
             •  Install desktop and remote “soft proofing”
             •  Create custom color workflows from image capture
               through design and production
             •  Meet industry standards and specifications
               (i.e., SWOP, GRACoL, G7, FOGRA, sRGB, AdobeRGB)
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