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Ricoh Production

            Professional Services

            Security                                              Business Continuity / Disaster
                                                                  Recovery (BC/DR) Services
            Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats.
            Print systems require malware protection, strict access   Keep your business running when the
            controls and a patching plan to stay protected from   unexpected happens.
            viruses and hacking. Ricoh security specialists will create a
            customized plan for your company, starting with an onsite   Interrupted business means lost revenue. When disaster
            assessment that helps you understand your security status.   strikes — such as equipment failure, power outages, forced
            Reduce risk, prevent unauthorized access to confidential   shutdowns or even labor disputes — the organizations
            information and ease the workload of your IT team.    that make it through the crisis have a detailed plan to
                                                                  keep servicing clients. In fact, many clients require that the
            Our detailed analysis results in recommendations for    partners they work with have a solid plan in place before
            backup, restoration, authentication and compliance.   signing a contract. While most companies have developed at
                                                                  least some level of a disaster recovery plan, many are missing
             •  Conform to network security standards             vital aspects of business continuity: print, mail and e-mail.
             •  Document best-practice configurations for updates
               and deployment                                     Ricoh offers a full suite of resources, including backup
                                                                  sites to complete your disaster recovery plan and ensure
             •  Pass internal or third-party security audits      your staff can keep working. Whether it’s printing, mailing
             •  Educate your staff on protocols for printer security    and emailing checks, statements, invoices, notices or
               and backup                                         memos, you can rely on our proven network in unforeseen
                                                                  circumstances. In line with the strictest control standards and
             •  Receive workflow recommendations for a more
               secure printer ecosystem                           industry best practices, our BC/DR services give you peace
                                                                  of mind and, more importantly, the confidence of knowing
                                                                  your business will stay strong in the event of a disruption.
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